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“After my impaired I was looking for affordable insurance. I called at least six different insurance and broker companies all quoting me 800-900 a month. Going with the cheapest one I walked into their office and all of a sudden I was looking 12,000-13,000 a year instead of the original 10,000! Hearing about DND insurance at my planning ahead course I decided to call. Kyla with in ten minutes of being on the phone told me she could save me 5000 a year. Going into her office and spending a bit more time with her she saved me even more money than she originally predicted! Thanks to Kyla and DND I have my life back again. Thank you, Kyla.”
~ J.C.

“If you are reading this you probably have a DUI or know someone who has one. You would also be aware of the extreme hardships that come with a DUI . After mine it felt like all hope had been lost and I had no where to turn . Majority of the insurance companies wouldn’t take me, and the ones that did were extremely high priced and wanted full payment up front. I was done my year suspension and wanted to get back on the road but how could I with these high prices . After searching on the internet I came across DND where I was introduced to Gage. He was very nice and understanding of my situation. Didn’t make me feel guilty at all like other insurance companies did. Through him I was able to get affordable insurance on a month to month plan to drive again, and I didn’t even have to leave my house! Everything was done so conveniently online and fast . It was literally easier to get DUI insurance than Regular insurance without an impaired . Have a good time trying to find lower rates because you won’t . Gage got me back on the road in a heartbeat and I recommend him and DND to everyone having a hard time trying to get insurance after a DUI. Thank you again!!!”
~ Mark-Calgary

“After shopping around for insurance, with a previous DUI, it was very difficult to find a company to insure me let alone with a good rate. I was referred to Gage at DND Insurance who made the process extremely painless. He offered me the best rate (almost 200$ cheaper per month then any quote I had found). The application process took less then 5 minutes and was all done via phone and email. I will be recommending Gage to all of my friends and family. Thanks so much!”
~ Brittany

“Following a DUI conviction, Kyla at DND Insurance provided me with a full-coverage insurance rate that was literally thousands of dollars below the rate offered by the company I had been with for almost 10 years. And similarly below any other company’s quote. Beyond that…on the day I told her I would be going with her company for my insurance, she discussed the deductable options with me, and was able to shave over another $600 off the policy. Most companies at that point, knowing they “had you”, wouldn’t bother looking for ways to make it even cheaper for you. But she did. As well, never did I get the feeling of being judged or looked down upon for having this DUI on my record.

“Until I spoke with DND Insurance, I had basically resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to afford insurance until sufficient time had passed for my rate to drop. Their rate allowed me to keep driving, leave that bad chapter of my life behind and move forward.

“Shop for prices yourself and you won’t find a cheaper rate. The helpful, friendly service is icing on the cake.”
~ K.C

“A huge burden was lifted off my shoulders this past Wednesday.A 3 year driving suspension is lifted BUT insurance companies didn’t want my business……NO BODY would EVER have the cash to pay what I had been quoted….over $37,000 /year – payable cash in full.

“I saw DND Insurance on Internet and checked them out.Mom and I went to the Edmonton office and had an honest display us sion with Gage.He made calculations,made phone call.After thoroughly checking my abstracts,claims,he came to a solution that can work.

“I am so pleased that DND was able to get me insurance at an acceptable amount—even less than $10,000 a year and with monthly payments.
I am so grateful for the trust in me.I have worked hard the last 3 years in my personal life changes and appreciate the opportunity to go forward.Gage was professional and very helpful. I HIGHLY recommend DND Insurance for their quick service and help.”

“You won’t believe what these folks can do for you. I didn’t. As a young adult, my son struggled with alcohol abuse. Driving while impaired became an all-to-common occurrence for him. Over the course of 4 years, he collected several at-fault accidents, culminating in a DUI charge and suspension of his license. At that point, he’d had enough of the devastating affect that his alcohol consumption was having on his life, and enrolled himself in an intensive treatment program.Three years later, he had managed to turn his life around, and felt he was ready to drive again. However when he started to investigate insurance rates, he quickly discovered that the mainstream insurance industry wasn’t as ready to forgive his past mistakes. Insurance was outright unaffordable. That’s when we came across the good folks at DUI Insurance. Clearly they appeared to be working from a different playbook. The quote that we got was less than half of the best of any competitor rate. Being a cynic, I remembered the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”. I figured that this must be some kind of a scam. I proceeded to search the Internet for any reference to the “DUI Insurance Scam”, found nothing, but was still concerned as to whether this was for real. My son went ahead with the insurance agreement, and is now driving again. They definitely made a believer out of me.I’m proud of my son for turning his life around, and most grateful to Kyla and the team that stands behind her for finding a formula which allowed him to drive again.”

“If you are reading this I’m sure you have had or know a friend who has had a DUI much like myself, and unfortunately now after learning a hard lesson you are faced with high insurance costs and thinking there may be nowhere to turn, as I did. I went for quite a long time being told by my insurance broker that I am unable to get insurance any better then what I was getting and was even lucky to find someone to give me insurance at all, however the price that I was paying was outstanding for both my truck and car so I decided to start searching around to challenge that so called fact anyways. I came across Kyla @ DND Insurance and to say the least she set me up very well. This is very hard to believe but Kyla saved me 5000-6000 dollars per year! Unreal to say the least. It was great dealing with Kyla and she was very straight to the point and got things taken care of very quickly. I’m very impressed I must say, I’ll most certainly recommend going to Kyla to see how she can help you out as well, as I’m quite confident that it will be a enjoyable experience that will pay dividends.”

“I would just like to say thanks to the people at D N D insurance on helping me get a manageable rate, I was currently paying 1500$ a month insurance for my new truck and DND got me a lower rate basically cut it in half per month and where very accommodating on making sure I got all the info and documents as soon as possible.”
~ K.P.

“I would recommend DND Insurance to anyone with a DUI. Excellent service with Gage. Very effective guy. Saved me a $1000 per year. Thank you Gage.”

“My son who is currently a full-time student was charged with a DUI in 2013. In 2014 his insurance premium went from $1500 a year to $5200 a year. The 2015 renewal came in at $5900. When I talked to our current broker about the fact that it went up again, they made me feel like they were doing him a favor by providing him with coverage. I was somewhat reluctant to call anyone to try and help him after talking with them…..thinking maybe they are right. I searched the internet and stumbled upon DND Insurance. Reading the caption “You will not be judged for your mistake” caught my attention. Not only were they 110% true to their word, I had the pleasure of dealing with Kyla! Kyla made me feel like this company had been our insurance broker for a number of years. She is professional, efficient and most importantly, showed empathy towards my son’s situation. I am so pleased to say that his new insurance premium is half the cost. I am so happy I picked up the phone and gave Kyla a call. Kyla, my son and I thank-you!”
~ PI & SI

“I’ve been with DND insurance for a year now when they were the only insurance company that would give me a decent rate. Kyla told me that the underwriters would look at rates after a year and if you have a good year of driving your rates will go down. My rate dropped over 30%! I couldn’t be happier with DND insurance and if you have an impaired I definitely recommend DND for people who want good rates!”
~ D.W.

“I received a DUI in 2015, (watch your wine when out for dinner) and the whole process has been extremely stressful and embarrassing. I needed to find insurance for my car to get on the road again. I found Kyla with DND insurance and she made the process so much easier on me. I had a million questions and she answered them all with explanations I could understand. (I’m not an insurance expert) she was able to find me a good quote for my circumstances. Thank you for being so kind Kyla and helping me in the final steps of this large mistake. Your customer service was amazing. THANK YOU.”
~ S.O.

“For the past couple of months, I have been having such a hard time trying to find an affordable insurance company. I have been told by so many that they cannot even insure me. A friend with a similar situation had recommended DnD insurance to me, so I decided to give it one last shot. It was the best decision I could have made considering my premium went down around $4000.00 for the year. Also, it was the quickest process, and so reassuring. Such a weight has been lifted. Thank you so much! :)”
~ Erin

“Hey guys just would like to let everyone know how absolutely awesome DND insurance has been for me. I phoned them regarding my insurance as I was quoted an absolutely insane amount (over 20,000 from my previous insurance company of 6 years). After talking to one of the very accommodating staff members, they got my insurance down to less then half of the original ($20,000 from previous insurance company). I would highly recommend DND if you find yourself in the same situation or for any insurance for that matter.”
~ P.L

“After i got two DUIs my insurance increased to over $15,000 a year. I couldn’t afford it so I started searching online and calling other insurance companies and all of their quotes were pretty much the same. I’m about to get interlock for my car, really in need of insurance, I spoke with Kyla at DND Insurance, somehow she was able to get my insurance down to roughly $3660/yr, saving me a ton. Kyla was great to deal with, patient and quick. I would definitely recommend giving her a call if you need a great deal on insurance.”
~ H.N.

“I have been without insurance for my truck for well over a year after my impaired. After paying off fines and other fees I figured I would have to ask my parents to insure my truck to get back on the road. After searching a few minutes on the net, I came across DND insurance and spoke to Kyla. She was very kind and understanding and gave me a great rate on insurance. I was surprised at how low the rate was, how fast I was approved and how easy the whole process was. Thanks for giving me my freedom and independence back!”
~ D.C.

“I have been looking for insurance for about 2 years and no one could quote me under 7000, Not able to afford that without my job that I lost when I lost my license I kept saving, I spent about 3 hrs one night searching for a better price n I came across DND insurance. Kyla was great to deal with, patient and quick. Saving over 3000/yr was worth the wait. I would recommend them if you have had a dui.”
~ K.W – Consort Alberta

“After i got a DUI my insurance increased to over $15,000 a year. I couldn’t afford it so i started calling other insurance companies and all of their quotes were pretty much the same. I was about to lose my car, my job, and pretty much everything. Finally, I spoke with Kyla at DND Insurance, somehow she was able to get my insurance down to roughly $9,000, saving me a ton. I would definitely recommend giving her a call if you need a great deal on insurance.”
~ D.D – Stony Plain

“My original insurance carrier wasn”t going to give me full coverage on my truck which I need because it has a loan. Everywhere i got quotes from were 7000-10000$, then I got the run around from an insurance company here in red deer, so I went searching again and found kyla at dnd insurance, boy am i sure glad I did, I have full coverage, and she saved me a few thousand dollars/year. I highly recommend dnd insurance to anyone suffering from a dui.”
~ J.R – Red Deer

“Like many, I had made mistakes in my life. I had made drastic changes to improve my situation after being convicted of DUI. I completed University, I changed careers, I got better friends, I served my suspension and I went to rehab. Unfortunately, no matter how many changes you make, your past will follow you. My past followed me to my insurance renewal, big time. I was insured for many years with the same company and when I got my renewal my premium had increased nearly $7000 from the previous year. How was I supposed to pay $10,000 a year for insurance? Seemingly impossible. Also, in order to complete the ignition interlock program, I needed to have insurance. I was in a tough spot, with nowhere to turn. I received quotes from other insurance companies ranging from $7000 to well over $10,000. I saw an add for DND Insurance and sent in a request for quotation. Within a short matter of time Kyla provided me with a quotation for almost $5000 cheaper than every other insurance company. I work as an insurance agent with another company, and could not even get a cheaper quote even with a 25% staff discount!!!! Kyla also informed me of numerous ways I can pay my premium that will not jeopardize my financial situation. I am so happy that DND Insurance has provided me with insurance at a reasonable rate. I can now continue to better my life, be a responsible driver, and NOT have to pay nearly a thousand dollars a month for insurance. Thank you Kyla and DND Insurance for helping me when no one else would. I am so grateful.”
~ M.S. – Edmonton

“Following my sons’ accident, it was not only a devastating situation to deal with but to find ‘reasonable’ auto insurance after the fact was nearly impossible. After many spent dollars we found Doug (and Kyla) at DND Insurance who were very professional, accommodating and understanding throughout our ordeal. Could not be more thankful and pleased with the service we have received and highly recommend this company to anyone who finds themself in an unfortunate driving predicament.”
~ M.S – Edmonton

“I am writing this letter as a reference to DND Insurance. I was referred to this company being told they could help me. From the moment I called Kyla has been more than helpful with every question I asked. I had then told her my situation with a DUI and a hit and run. She then gave me a quote for my insurance which was cheaper than any other place I called. We went over a few more things together and the quote was reduced. She talked to Doug after that and got it reduced even more. I highly recommend DND Insurance to anyone with a DUI. This is a company that shows they care. They got my insurance between 3000 and 4000 dollars cheaper than any other insurance company could.I can promise you that the information I have provided is nothing but the truth.”
~ Mark – Edmonton

“Hi Im just writing to say the excellent service I got from a DND insurance agent in Edmonton. I couldn’t find insurance anywhere that was under $10000 dollars a year so I called Kyla and she worked a couple things out and got my policy to about 7300 dollars. The customer service was excellent and i would definitely recommend DND to anyone with an impaired driving conviction and is having problems getting insurance for a somewhat reasonable cost.”
~ Derek – Edmonton

“After my suspension duration was over, I was mentally exhausted and financially tapped from the long hold times, multiple fees, and confusing process of fulfilling my reinstatement conditions. By the time I arrived at the final step of obtaining insurance so that my ignition interlock could be installed, all I wanted was the lowest possible quote for my situation (Imperfect history, refusal to provide) so that I I could afford to be on the road and work my way to a better driving record and lower my risk. I had done some shopping around and was receiving astronomical quotes that as a blue collar sole provider, would have financially crippled my family. When I got in touch with Kyla at DND, she was able to factor in details specific to my situation and come back with a quote that was $200 a month lower than the lowest quote I had previously received and only required first and last month payment when most other companies were requesting full term payment up front. She informed me that at DND, they specialize these types of cases and she was extremely knowledgeable about the process. I received my proof of insurance by way of fax within hours of payment which allowed me to register my vehicle, purchase a plate, and register for an interlock installation appointment all in the same day!”
~ Stephan S – Edmonton

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